Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Blissful Endeavour Abroad

"A blissful endeavor abroad"
(A descriptive writing intended for school purposes. Please do not copy.)

The cold breeze of summer air breathed upon the revealed flesh of my unbuttoned flannel top as I stroll out of the Emirate’s plane to welcome a new awaiting journey ahead. It was one in the morning and the sun was still in his deep slumber, but the entire airport was drone in caffeine and was very awake. Walking pass by the arrival zone, stories of different genres were told by the eyes of these strangers of different cultures and ethnicity. Their feelings were concretely painted upon their faces, some were gloomy, elated or some of the few were hopeful or maybe grieving.  But what really protrudes out of these buzzing bees of a crowd were the blissful smile of my parents, arms wide open to welcome me back to their side after years of separation. It was, without any doubt, the best feeling in the world. 

During my visit in Dubai, My passion with the day ‘Friday’ has deeply redoubled out of all days of the week. Usually at this day, (The rest day abroad.) we would break a little of our pocket savings and cut a slack from our daily routines to taste a bit of the icing offered by this place.  Usually, We would hitch up at the morning with my mom, aunts and a couple of their girlfriends to soaked up some Emirate sun at Jumeirah, a white-sand beach a couple of meters away from the famous Burj al Arab hotel, and maybe get some tan or have a nice light noon picnic. Then after, still in our swimsuit we would drove across from the sandy landscapes to expounding grandeur Dubai skyscrapers and infrastructure for an hour to have a stroll on the mall centres to have quick little shopping escapades. When nightfall comes, the breathe-taking city lights would relaxed my stressed body and bring my heavy lids into its drift to sleep till we head back home.

Many of the magazines, travel blogs and television shows had painted Dubai as the home of luxuriant living, fabulous malls, magnificent architecture and enchanting skyline. But little did they know that this place is more than its physical beauty, what really  made this trip an unforgettable one was the stories that unfolds right before my eyes that I believed has moulded me to what I am now. I was brought to face reality just when I thought I was in my colourful whimsical dreamland. It was the true bitter-sweet that I experienced in my existence. U.A.E is a very broad opulent culture, and to experience such is an honour. A place where mid meets west, A very lavish clash of culture, and it will be a waste to not experience such. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Day In The Life. 03-01-2012

MORNING, 7:30 a.m.
           It’s first of March 2013, woke up at 7:30 in the morning to face another day... another hope and another blessing. It’s a school-free day because it’s supposed to be my fieldtrip but I wasn’t allowed to join by my parents that’s why I’ll be spending my day inside of my home with my adorable siblings. I start my day with an early exercise; cycling with my baby sister, kesha around our neighbourhood.

 After 30 minutes, we finally got tired and decided to head back to our house.

 8:30 a.m.
            When we head home, our tummies started grumbling with hunger. So I decided to prepare some breakfast since my mom is still sound asleep. I went to our kitchen, grabbed some eggs in our fridge, popped few buns in the oven and boiled a pot of water. Just after a few minutes, our breakfast is done!

(Please don't mind the date. I forgot to correct it in my camera.) Nothing makes me feel happy than the smell of a hot bun in the morning.
Frying up some eggs.
Feeding my little brother his favorite food.
Hot tea in my favorite mug, Buns with Nutella and egg for breakfast.

11:00 a.m.
             I decided to re-organize my beauty stuffs since the Juniors and Seniors' Prom left my vanity in ruins. I begin my wiping off the dust in my cabinet, then rub off left over products in my brushes just so bacterias won't infect it (neglecting to do so, My face will get infected by these little devils causing pimple and breakouts on my face.), and,lastly, I grabbed a couple of our kitchen jar that has been chilling in our pantry, unused and turned it into brush holders. Phew! That was tiring, but looking at my newly organized beauty products felt absolutely fantastic.

My unorganized make up storage.

These are the jars that I used as my brush holder. A cheap of getting organized.

Yay for well-arranged make ups!

12:00 n.n.
            After taking a warm shower and filling my stomach with a delicious lunch of Pesto Pasta and Buttered Chicken, I begin to clean my entire room. I arranged a stack pile of old issues of magazines and put it inside of my huge cabinet where I put things I rarely used or barely need, Swept and mopped my floor clean, Rearrange my mini-collection of novels, refold my clothes inside of my unruly cabinet then lastly to finish it all off, I lit a candle to give my room it's lovely fresh scent. 

This is the before.
And this is the after!
This is my favorite scent for a while.
2:00 p.m.
            After a sweaty job of polishing my bedroom, I settled down to read the book 'The Vampire Dimitri" by Colleen Gleason. I borrowed this book from my classmate, Ania, a close friend of mine when it comes with the talks of books. Just a couple of chapters later, I found myself reading the words too fast rather than understanding it. So I move on to my laptop and searched the net for a good movie to watch. I quite fancy a comedy today that's why I picked a Miley Cyrus movie. I grabbed a snack and I'm good to go.

The Vampire Dimitri book.

6:00 p.m.
           I didn't notice I fell asleep in the midst of the movie. I woke up with my mom's voice yelling at me to eat my dinner of fried fish and salad.  Yum! After filling my stomach I went to the bathroom and took a sponge bath. Finally, Bed time! 

         The night went on joyously, I spend my time with my cutie sibling and my parents watching "Warm Bodies" together.

I hoped you enjoyed this blog post. See you.

xoxo, Yanna.